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Monday, April 21, 2014

A Way of Life

On one of the recent San Diego jaunts with my boys, I spotted this sign strategically posted outside an apartment door: “Happiness is not a destination; it’s a way of life.”
I know I’ve heard this quote before but I think this is the first intentional display of the sentiment I’ve seen.

This Happy Happens column is at the very essence of what this phrase means: We must pay homage to those moments that bring us joy, both the loud and the low-profile events that put a smile on our face or simply make us feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Last night, as I viewed the past week’s events and photos, I couldn’t seem to spot a theme and, honestly, I was still so exhausted from the red-eye flight and the jet lag and the late nights and early mornings that came and went while in San Diego, not to mention the “catching up” and Easter preparations that ensued the second I landed, that I just didn’t have the energy to dig deeper.

I didn’t realize just how fatigued I was until I found myself sleeping in until 10:45 this morning! Kid you not!! I haven’t done that since my college hangover days.

Warren and Beauty and Big Guy planned an out-of-town fishing trip today, this last day of spring break. I was going to tag along with my computer or a good book, until they told me it was a fishing expedition, one where there’d be little standing in one place…

Looks like it was a good thing I begged off, because when I did finally wake I felt completely refreshed.

As I revisit last week’s images, that wall art seems to pull everything together.

There are several threads that weave themselves through last week’s happy.

What binds them all together is my way of life, a series of traits that can be found in almost every vein of my existence.

My persistent awe of our world’s natural beauty and the many diverse forms by which it presents itself.

My appreciation for the light and warmth that is always right around the next corner, both literally and figuratively.

My fondness for family and friendships and resilience and love and laughter and togetherness…

…for longevity and loyalty…
…my penchant for all things creative and unique…

…my gratefulness for those little things in life, like this curious eighteen-month-old who cooed his curiosity throughout the five-and-a-half-hour flight.

…for inspirational nuggets that abound…

…and for forgiveness and strength and courage…

…and for the human spirit that lives on for all eternity…

These photos and elements do capture a way of life for me, at least one I try to live consciously each and every day.

Though at any given moment I might stray from that course, I always try to return to these things, for they are, I think for all of us, the elements that will fill that happy place inside of us…

Happy belated Easter, Journeyer, and here’s to a successful hunt for this week’s happy…

I’d love you to share any of your Happy Moment(s) from last week! Post ‘em here!

Until we meet again, remember #Happy Happens and it truly is a way of life…

p.s. I'll be back to load the rest of the photos later, but for bed beckons on this, my last night of vacation...that 5:30 alarm is going to come mighty early! :)

Monday, April 14, 2014

My Three Sons

This past week is a bit of a blur, Journeyer, and I can’t believe it’s Sunday!

Then, again, I’m so freaking HAPPY that it’s Sunday!!


Because I’ve been counting down the last fourteen days until I could spend an entire week with my two boys.

Big Guy’s task had been to find one college he wanted to visit over spring break.

He’d pretty much determined that he wanted to visit the University of Florida until Fave talked him into going to see San Diego State University.

“Dude,” he said, “I’m thinking about doing my graduate studies there. We could be in college together!”

Now, given that there is a six-year gap between these boys, they’ve really had very little in common during their time together at home.

When Fave left for college and was talking about Big Boy things and using Big Boy language, Big Guy was only twelve, and let’s just say we tried to keep it all as age appropriate as possible.

Any of you who have children with a big age gap, can appreciate the Herculean task of finding movies and activities and vacations suitable to both ends of that spectrum.

But now they’re seventeen and twenty-two and Fave is passing beyond the pulling away phase and coming around to the family phase, understanding how vital connections and people are, especially family.

He and I went to pick up groceries last night and then stood in the parking lot, talking for more than an hour, the good kind of talking, an adult conversation that was, but wasn’t, about parenting…

Does that make sense? The conversation was a discussion about life and parenting and relationships and people, but neither of us was acting like the child or the parent…we were two people engaged in learning and understanding and compassion and love…

Can you imagine how happy this Mama’s heartfelt?

Fave beginning to understand the dynamics behind the parenting and comprehending some of the struggles we all faced.

He’s able to separate and see some of the dysfunction that took place for what it was and isolate that from the rest of the more common experiences.

Honestly, Journeyer, I wish I’d been able to see the bigger picture of my life at his age!

It makes me proud.

Watching these two boys laugh and converse and wrestle with each other just made my heart soar.

Yesterday, as we were sitting at breakfast, the woman next to us said, “I couldn’t help but overhear that there’s a three-hour time difference where you live. Where are you from?”

She and her husband are from Illinois and are out west to attend their grandson’s graduation from the Marine’s boot camp.

“How many children do you have?” she asked.

I wanted to reply “four,” but I know the questions that tend to ensue: How old are they? What are they doing? Are all four of them here with you? What do the others do?

I can answer all of those questions, without seeming to create fear and panic, until the last one.

“Well,” I imagine myself saying, “I’m not sure exactly what he does, because he’s in heaven.”

So I just answer three, because it’s easier.

But what I’ve also found, however, is that if we are engaged in earnest, getting-to-know-someone discourse, the door to Gavin or some other form of honest and meaningful dialogue most always opens.

“How many kids do you have?”

Two boys…grandchildren, mostly boys, too…two great grandchildren, also boys… And all of these cherubs are from the one son.

“Our other son’s wife couldn’t have children. They tried everything they could, even infertility treatments, but that is so expensive,” the woman said, “and they didn’t want to adopt because the birth mother can always come back and reclaim the child.”

I think my fork was suspended halfway between my plate and my mouth. I hope my face reflected the awe and kinship I was feeling.

“They decided on dogs and I must say they treat them just like their children,” she chuckles, “and so we also have four grand-dogs.”

You know where I went next, don’t you, Journeyer?

I told this woman how much I appreciated her sharing, how happy I was for her boy that he and his wife found a way to live their best lives, even when some misfortune prevented them from having the life they’d initially dreamed of.

“I actually have three sons, myself, four children,” I shared…

I think all of us who have outlived our children have experienced this at one time or another. I wish it weren’t so awkward…

One of the things I’ve been thinking about in recent years is the fact that part of the reason it is so awkward is because we, society, isn’t talking about it enough.

The topic of child loss can be like the white elephant in the room or something so toxic is causes people to evacuate the room.

I’ve also been wondering if I’m not perpetuating that problem by not being totally transparent when I meet new people…

But what I can tell you for sure is that I am always joyful when I do connect on a meaningful level, when a person goes from being a stranger to being a neighbor…whether that interaction takes place in an intimate discussion group or over a bowl of cereal in a Comfort Inn lounge…

In other #HappyHappens news, these other Moments made me smile and brought be a sense of fulfillment…

Big Guy, who has only flown one other time in his life, was clearly delighted with the entire experience. How I loved watching the awe and appreciation on his face, and the excitement when he showed me the many photos he’d taken.

More family time! My mom and my brother live a mere three hours from San Diego and were able to make the trip down yesterday.

We met up with my nephew, who’s also going to school here, and then took the trolley down to Petco Park to watch a Padres game.

I’m not a big baseball fan, but this ball field is exquisite!

And, O.M.G., if you’ve never tried Phil’s B.B.Q….well, you need to make a trip west. Every barbeque I’ve ever had used a vinegar base, of which I’m also not a fan.

But Phil’s? Let’s just say my mouth is watering just typing this. It honestly is!

They’re meat has the smokiest, sweetest but also not-too-sweet flavor you’ll ever taste. I could write an entire post about that sandwich, but I think I’ll just let your own imagination make you drool…

I only get to see my mom about once every couple of years, and my brother I’ve only seen a handful of times in more a decade, so you can only imagine how special spending the entire day with them was.

And my baby brother’s big bear hug as we part was nothing shy of…well, for everything else there’s mastercard…

And my mom…love you…always and forever…

And then my boys…

All three of them…

I’ve always believed that Gavin spirit is always around…

That means he was part of the gentle scolding I gave while trying to stop a brotherly-love-type wrestling match that occurred in our hotel room yesterday morning…

He laughed with everyone else when I forgot that stadium seat bottoms aren’t stationary and consequently found myself sitting on the deck after standing for a moment…

He was a part of all of our conversations…

And he enjoyed listening to the waves and feeling the wind on his face as we rode our bikes miles along the boardwalk…
When Beauty was younger, I took her on several Mother-Daughter trips, but this is the first time I’ve done something with just my boys…

Spending time with my three sons…

It’s going the heart good…

What about you, Journeyer? What week’s Moments(s) brought a smile to your face or made your heart go pitter-patter?

p.s. I’ll be back to add photos later, but for now, a shower and a walk on the beach with Big Guy is calling! May you capture as many instances of Happy as you can in the coming week, Journeyer!


Sunday, April 6, 2014

50 First Smiles

Wow…it’s Sunday…already…

Wherever did this week go?

Oh, yes, I know...

It evaporated in a daily series of phone calls and my ongoing research to meet new people and make new connections in this vast cyber sphere…

One of the disadvantages of living in a small town is that of limited easy access to global information…

In this instance, I had a little trouble finding someone who could give me details I needed regarding vaccinations we’ll need if we accompany Fave to South Africa in June.

Of course there are many fantastic people in our small area, and I ultimately did land on just what I needed…it just took a little extra effort…

When I wasn’t focused on that, I was working to promote my upcoming discussion in the Syracuse area and learning a new language called Listserv

I must say, a sense of accomplishment definitely feeds my happy.

But the best part of these past days came at the end.

The week culminated with prom and another gathering of some fabulous young men and women at our house.

Bags of tuxes filled our laundry room

It seems a bit surreal that my youngest is only a year away from leaving the nest.
SAT tests and college exploration and prom…

Isn’t he handsome? And that infectious smile just melts my heart!
A second week of laughter and camaraderie and company to fill this big ole house and that happy organ near my heart…
One of our good friends brought along his Junior prom picture, spurring all of us to reminisce about our own events.
Here's my prom photo.

And you want to hear something really weird?!
That orange sofa and the coffe table in my photo? They're the same pieces of furniture in the photo with my son and his friends! No joke...
This morning, as I recover from a late night and little sleep, I scanned through my DVR’d list and settled on 50 First Dates.

Most of Adam Sandler’s humor is lost on me, but I have to say I adore him in this film.
And who can resist Drew Barrymore? Isn’t she just the most charming and irresistible actress?
And talk about perseverance and determination and guts and fortitude…she epitomizes our human ability to pull ourselves up out of the depths of a toxic life and to move forward in living the very best existence we can…

And speaking of living our very best personal, professional, and philanthropic lives, even in wake of adversity, I completed that grant application for The Five Facets Philosophy on healing, and submitted it with a day to spare….

If I’m successful in that endeavor, then I will have others who are as passionate about this premise as I am, people who will also become messengers of this plan to help people when they are ready to transition from grief into healing…

Right now, 50 First Dates is halfway through a second run. Sharing a night stroll on the beach, Lucy has just asked Henry to tell her a little about himself.

He replies that he’s won seven, all-you-can-eat-chicken-wing contests and that he’s a ballet dancer…

Imagine Adam Sandler in a tutu and tight little slippers…

That right there’s another dose of happy, Journeyer…humor…

Thank you Drew and Adam and you, Journeyer (for every time I see your visit show up on my little visitor counter, I smile) for enriching my life and making my world a brighter place…

You know what? It just dawned on me…this Happy Happens column is a bit like the 50 First Dates concept. You see, our Happy seems to get lost in translation, as if the Unhappy is our own sort of damaged frontal lobe.

Even more so, I happen to love the notion of 50 First Smiles, as if each second of joy is like we’re experiencing it for the first time, like the first kisses that Henry and Lucy had over and over again.

Think about that! Imagine how much more impact those fleeting smiles would have on our lives!
And one more smile before I go: My tulips are sprouting! Fresh greenery! Spring is finally here!!!
After this winter, that's definitely something to rejoice!!!

What about you? What Moment(s) from the past week felt like one of your 50 First Smiles?

Until next week…keep on paying homage to all those events that bring you joy, even those simplest, seemingly innocuous instances that try to flit right past you…

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

People Who Need People...

Journeyers, for the first time in I don’t know how long, I missed a post in this weekly Happy Happens column…

And now this one is going to be two or three days late…

It’s been a grueling three weeks, a time period when I nearly bit off more than I could chew, so to speak…

Last spring I signed up to become a summer trainer at work, figuring we could use the extra money, but little did I know that my number in the queue wouldn’t surface until March 7 of this year.

I almost turned the job down because of fear.

You see, my trainee’s job, thus his entire lifestyle, would depend on me to teach him properly and timely and thoroughly.

That’s a pretty big responsibility in my book and I couldn’t help but wonder if I wanted to feel the pressure of all that, if I was even capable of meeting those expectations.


What if I fail?

What happens to him and his house and his car and his children and [insert whatever] if I don’t accomplish my job and he doesn’t get to keep his?

You know what I did?

I’ve always told my children that fear isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because it means we care enough about whatever it is that is causing us fear that it’s important…

So, what happened is what usually happens: Courage stepped up and walked right beside Fear.

How many times have you heard “Kick it to the curb,” whatever it is that we don’t want?

That doesn’t seem to be very effective, does it? It just sort makes us run away, which doesn’t help us, really.

This is how Courage and Fear work side by side: Fear says “I don’t think I remember everything the one-hundred-percent right way and I might screw up.”

Courage steps in and says, “Okay, then, you have a manual that tells you everything you could ever want to know about this task, so let’s get crackin’.”

Fear says, “What if I fail or mess up?”

Courage says, “What’s the absolute worst that can happen? He can retake the test at least once, can’t he?”

Fear wakes me at all hours during the night, when I normally sleep like the dead.

Courage says, “It’s going to be okay. You got this. Go back to sleep.”

That’s the sort of exhausting dance I’ve been doing the past two weeks.

I’ve also been in the finishing stages of something very tiring but very exciting: I’ve been working on a grant application, Journeyers, one that will afford me the financial resources to hire people to help me do all of these things that I have been having to teach myself and then orchestrate.

Things like SEO and website design and trying to have some basic idea of HTML code…and on and on…

If I’m successful in the grant, I will have an opportunity to meet countless people who will believe in my passion for The Five Facets Philosophy on healing, a bridge/guide/roadmap that helps people transition from loss to healing.

That's the greatest impact this grant could have on my work...

People, Journeyer...people who know people who are suffering...people who are enthusiastic and creative and doers and business men and women...philanthropists who care about their neighborhoods both far and near and who are looking to make a positive impact on those communities...people who want to be part of a solution...

This organization has followers in the hundreds of thousands...and among them, people who will see the merits of this little project with a really BIG heart and want to help her fly, people who will carry her to the far corners of the earth, places I alone could never dream of reaching as one individual...

I always said to my children, to anyone who would listen actually, "Many hands make light work." I believe wholeheartedly... All those interested people will bring more people who will help put this philosophy into the hands of those who need her most...

Regardless of the outcome, the process of answering the questions has proven invaluable these past several months as it forced me to pull all of my ideas out of the clouds, to really take a hard look at them, to assemble them into something that is more tangible, and then be able to explain the concept in as few words as possible, to actually teach someone else what it is I want to do.

No matter how you slice it, that is time well spent.

Energy use that leaves me feeling tired yet energized and content and happy for a job well done.

Even though I haven’t put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) for this column for two weeks, I have been thinking about it, and what keeps coming to mind is our human connection.

Streisand’s People who need people lyrics has resounded in my head for a week.

People who need people are the luckiest people in the world.

The social facet.

The personal element at the top of my Five Facets hierarchy.

Here are a few of the other Moments of the past two weeks that fed my happy.

If you’ve been around these parts very long, you know how much I despise cleaning and how happy I was during the brief time I had a house helper.

When a change in her day job forced her to eliminate some of her private clients, I was so sad, but figured I’d just have to become a little more creative myself.

Last weekend, as I was scrubbing the showers, I all but sang out loud this little jingle: “We do the work so you don’t have toooooooooooo!”

Do you remember that little ditty, Journeyer?

People like me need people like the SC Johnson family, those geniuses who put out products that make my life so much easier.

AND then find ways to make me smile while doing the drudgery stuff.

Not to mention the fact that when the hard work is easier, I have more time to do things that truly bring me joy, like get togethers with girlfriends.

Have you participated in a Wine & Design event? If not, they have locations all over the country. You should definitely check it out!

I also won another book giveaway!
This one’s all about women and friendship and I can’t thank Carol Cassara for this giveaway, one that reminded me that luck is always right around the corner

Speaking of camaraderie, Big Guy celebrated his seventeenth birthday this past weekend by gathering nine of his buddies at our house on Saturday.

If you’ve been with me long, then you also know how happy entertaining makes me!

As I stared across the disaster that was my kitchen Saturday morning, all I could think about was how happy I felt during the preparation for this event.
Of course, that joy might have a little something to do with how this group of boys always raves about my cooking and how much they enjoy hanging out at our house.

And then the laughter and the chatter and the sounds of friendship…
All those things surely does a Mama’s heart good. Don’t they?

The few days of glorious spring-like sunshine and warming days also makes my spirits soar!

On the first forty-degree day, two weeks ago, I took my old boy, Thunder, for a walk, one that I just didn’t want to end, and one that entailed only a light-weight hoodie.

No heavy down coat! No gloves or hat or scarf or clunky boots!

The sound and sight of the creek’s running water was a sight to behold!
I even heard and caught a glimpse of the season’s first woodpecker!

Realizing that I ultimately had to be able to make the return trek back home, I finally turned around at 1.9 miles.

Can you tell how exhilarating that bit of fresh air and exercise was?

To cap off the week, I ended my own book giveaway on Saturday.
Five lucky ladies won autographed copies of Digging for the Light: One Woman’s Journey from Heartache to Hope.

Reading their excited comments, as well as two from readers who have been really down in the dumps as of late and needed some sort of boost…well…it couldn’t have been a more fulfilling end to the week…
Simple moments, Journeyer…one by one they fill that happy organ inside of us…

OH! I almost forgot!!! I also received my first royalties for Digging! Having this book published was just a dream a year ago, and now…it’s really happening!

No, it’s HAPPENED! And my bank account has an extra $28.63 to show for it!!!

It might not seem like much, but to me it’s a sign that I’ve made it.

I’ve achieved a goal. And I do believe that this is just the beginning…

Thanks for being a part of my journey!!!

What about you, Friend? What Moment(s) brought a smile or a feeling of accomplishment or warmth to your week? Did any of them have to do with some connection to others around you? Go ahead, honor your happy and share your experiences here!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Book Giveaway!

Journeyers, I am honored that so many people are taking an interest in this baby of mine, Digging for the Light.

She’s been in the works for more than twelve years.

Twelve years! And she’s finally here!

Phew! But we need to get her out into more, Friends! We need to spread inspiration for everyone who is trying to recover from some type of loss.

Will a story of triumph over extreme adversity lift you up? This book’s for you.

Do you know someone struggling with loss and looking for something to help her reconcile her grief? She might find some little nugget in this little book filled with enormous hope.

You know what I say, right? “We’re neighbors in grief and allies in healing.

If you’re grieving, all of us are your ally, and if you know someone who needs a helping hand, YOU are that ally, and you can help them by providing resources that they can use when they are ready.

I’m so excited to be offering the first giveaway for this book!

And while you’re waiting for the announcements, will you consider purchasing a copy (or two or…) for others in need?

I’ve intentionally kept the price low to keep it as affordable as possible.

Consider a copy for yourself, a friend, your local women’s shelter or doctor’s office. They’ll appreciate the donation and you never know but you just might be the one person that gets someone over a much needed hurdle.

The powers that be (the BIGGER publishers and editors and agents) need to see that you think this book is important to you, too.

To help spread the word and to get those other numbers climbing, you know the ones, all of those social media sites that the BIG GUYS also want to see, I’m giving away those three (3) autographed copies!!

All you have to do is go to this link to The Five Facets Facebook page and follow the steps!

A few quick clicks and you could be a lucky winner!!!

Good luck, Journeyer!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Symbols of Sweet Success

 “Is it a resume that defines success?”

It’s a question Counselor Hank posed to me during one of our sessions, some eight years ago.

I was lamenting my concerns about an impending job move and how the multiple transitions I’d made in previous years was going to appear to prospective employers.

A resume is, after all, a window into who we are as humans.

Are we loyal or transient?

Flighty or Stable? Dependable?

Are we professional?

Classy or Clumsy?

Right? Who and where and what and when are all indicators of our personal characteristics.

But here’s the thing: sometimes that window is cloudy and covered with life’s grime, with the suit and toxic waste created by a fire so bloody hot that it reduces everything in its presence to ash and rubble.

That sort of inferno derailed Warren’s and my dreams of building a successful, solid and sustainable farm business, one that we could pass on to our children, who might want to carry on the family legacy, who would continue to build and grow and adapt the business and then pass it on to their children, who would pass it on…

The plot of land Warren purchased for his orchard had been a fourth generation dairy farm, as if the legacy of tradition had been coded into the land itself.

Though I hadn’t set out my life’s course to be a farmer, I found a way to blend my talents and interests into the business and make it work.

Together Warren and I were quickly rising to Success.

Within a few short years our little Mom & Pop place had become a household name and we were firmly lodged as an integral part of family tradition.

A couple of months ago I bumped into a young man in his twenties who recounted several stories from his family’s bank of fond memories of their trips to our farm.

On the surface, a 70’x110’ concrete slab is the only thing left of that establishment.

Fourteen years later and operating in a completely different, non-public capacity, that business, the fruits of mine and Warren’s efforts, is still a success.

Today I am witnessing other forms of success.

There is little more to warm a mother’s heart and to make her feel a great sense of accomplishment than to see her children enjoying their work and their life and…well…happy…

Fave has lived his passion and the quest for his Olympic dream for going on thirteen years now.

He’s not only succeed on the stage, representing the U.S. in more than a dozen international competitions, he’s now a sought after trainer and mentor. 
Making my heart bloom with even more pride is the fact that he hasn’t forgotten his roots, Journeyers. He’s finding ways to bring his father on board, including him in his endeavors and recognizing Warren as his coach, claiming him as one of the integral components behind his success.
Warren has never been a stage hog, someone who needs to be front and center; he’s a modest doer, someone who’s willing to dig in and figure out whatever it is he needs to know to get the job done.

When Fave’s first coach had to back out two years into Fave’s goals, Warren took the necessary steps to become a high level coach and quietly mentored this talented young athlete from a room in our barn or one of our small town gyms.

Today I’ve tagged along to watch the seminar and two of my favorite men in action.

It’s no surprise that this organization and its Crossfit training program, The Outlaw Way, has a global presence.

I couldn’t help but be inspired by the energy of the coaches and the dedication and interest of everyone present.

As I looked out across the gym, I couldn’t help but notice the many elements that the trainers and their participants were utilizing: ipads and composition books for keeping notes, camera and video equipment to document the sessions for future use and evaluation, all the tools of the trade…
And check out one of the many inspirational nuggets that this gym uses to help its patrons succeed! You can’t help but smile!

But there were also other more subtle elements present, like laughter and smiles and camaraderie and dedication to craft and networking and teamwork and passion…love…love for learning…love for the work each person was doing…and a universal love that is present in people who are just generally interested in those around them…
Stretching is vital to an elite athlete's success

All those things make me smile, Journeyers, they feed my hope and fill my heart with inspiration…

Success seemed to be a theme that wafted throughout the weekend…

from Syn, the guy who’s done a great deal of design work for Fave and helped him move forward in branding the work he’s doing…
Though he and Fave have talked on the phone for months, this weekend was the first time they’ve actually met.
Boys Bonding over a video game

This giant teddy bear introduced himself with one of the biggest and warmest hugs you can imagine, and after we realized who each other was, we shared an even bigger hug. I say there’s nothing like a good and sincere embrace.
How I failed to get a photo of his partner Raquel is beyond me! This RN and I spent a great deal of time talking about The Five Facets Philosophy and her work with at-risk teens in Harlem. I’ve no doubt she brings moments of joy to the lives of everyone she comes in contact with.

And then there was Riki and her absolutely, positively, deliciously made with love Paleo-style cookies
…and on to irresistible charm of Boomer, the gym’s and Riki’s French Bulldog mascot…
Who can resist this adorable face?!

I love finding local restaurants when we are traveling, and this quaint little joint had it all! Cozy and warm and inviting and presentation and flavor! More traits that comprise Success!

Spinach & Broccoli Stuffed Pizza

White chocolate berry brulee cheesecake... 

Other Moments that fed my happy fall nicely into this Success them, too…

Beauty’s resolve to not let her learning challenges stand in the way of her dreams keeps her succeeding and doing it well! Check out these mid-term grades, Journeyers!
And of course, being able to laugh and joke with my children always warms my heart, makes me feel like a successful parent, and makes me even happier…

A nice, frozen yogurt treat always brings delight and using my recent winnings made it that much sweeter.
Choosing from the topping buffet...
And smiles… Right? Smiles always make me happy, even when they are of the forced, “Oh, Mom, do we have to pose for another picture? Can’t we just eat our yogurt in peace?”

There are so many different forms of success and so many elements that comprise accomplishment and satisfaction, don’t you agree?

Now that my work here is done, I'm off to bed's hoping a little extra sleep will kick the bug I picked up at the end of the week...

So, Journeyer, did you capture any Happy Moments last week? Inspire others and share your happy success story here!